TeslaCon 7: La Grande Exposition Scientifique

TeslaCon 7 took place at the Madison Marriott West, November 17-20, 2016. This year’s theme was La Grande Exposition Scientifique.

TeslaCon is a 4-day Steampunk immersion convention. What this means is that attendees are made to feel like they are really in the world of the convention, and they are encouraged to participate. There are cast members that put on a show, carrying along the ongoing story of the convention.

This year, the convention setting was Paris in the late 1800s. The hotel was decorated to look like the era, ambient French music played throughout the halls, and the story took place appropriately.

New this year, were teapot races and dirigible races, both inspired by events that occur in New Zealand’s Steampunk scene. And yes, there were guests from New Zealand in attendance.

I am always in awe of the innovation and ingenuity of the attendees of TeslaCon. There were people with ideas that I had never even thought of. One character was dressed as a portable candy shop. Another had a moving dragon. Still another had a hand-crank organ. Several people had lights, gadgets, and findings all over their costumes.

If you are considering attending TeslaCon, I would highly encourage it. If you’re not quite sure what it’s about, check out their website at http://www.teslacon.com/. There is also an active TeslaCon community on Facebook.

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